• Fast account creation
    • Flexible Payment Options

    Full Featured Crowdfunding Platform

    Out of the box we have the most full featured platform on the market. To top that off if you need a feature customized our have an idea for a new feature you want to have on your site we’ll build it for you, 100% custom to your specifications.

    Core Features

    Flexible campaign options

    All or Nothing: Tipping point campaign with a set goal that must be hit before funds can be distributed. Tipping point campaigns allow the user to create a deadline but it is not required.

    Keep it All: Let a user raise as much money as they can by a certain date. There is no minimum ‘tipping point’ required with these kinds of campaigns but they do require a deadline to be set.

    Advanced filtering

    Allow users to search your site by any of the following metrics:

    • By popularity
    • By funds raised
    • By location
    • By demographic
    • By returns
    • By start date
    • By end date
    • By number of donors

    We can also use these metrics to display your sites projects or use them to create project feeds.

    High-volume e-mail delivery

    Achieves high deliverability using Sender-ID, DKIM, Domain keys, white list monitoring, spam complaint monitoring, and message quality scoring.

    Fast account creationFast account creation

    Quick sign up with the choice of an internal account or 1 click sign up with Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social sites.

    Flexible Payment OptionsFlexible Payment Options

    From traditional merchant banks to Stripe and Dwolla we can support any payment processor with our PCI compliant platform.

    Robust Social Integration

    We make sharing easy with 1-click options for all the major social networks.

    Comprehensive Activity Logging and Tracking

    All activities and analytics logged for statistical use, graphical display and A/B testing. Events can be displayed publicly, for fundraising campaign owners, or configured to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Customizable API

    Need to integrate your platform with other services? No problem. Our flexible API system can be customized to meet your needs.

    Full Featured Administration Console

    • Project approval interface
    • Completely self-serve
    • Oversee and monitor all activity
    • Administrate users and projects
    • See contributions and performance in real time
    • Change pricing, availability, and other details

    Integrated Referral & Affiliate Tracking

    • Consumers are encouraged to refer friends
    • Unique referral code for each affiliate
    • Affiliates can see if their friends have signed up or made purchases
    • Custom landing pages to increase sign up rates

    Available for any country and in any language

    Serve consumers and merchants anywhere in the world:

    • Single country, single language
    • Single country, multiple languages
    • Multiple country, multiple languages

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