InvestedIn started as donation based crowdfunding platform, which we still run today at We’ve got every feature you could need for a website that allows donations and pre-sales or rewards.

Our donation based platform offers a great solution to non-profits and charities who want to give donors more control over what their money goes towards. While some big charities can just have one big fund for all donations most people want to pick and choose different projects to support. Not only will this give your donors more options but it will also help your organization better understand what kinds of projects people will support allowing you to adapt your programs to fit better, in turn letting you raise more funds all together and allowing you to do more good for your cause.

Niche business and international plays can also benefit from using out platform as they can launch quicker and beat their competition to market. In addition to quick launch times our ongoing support services allow you to focus on reaching users and promoting projects on your site instead of dealing with programmers and servers.

If you want to launch your own donation based crowdfunding website quickly and effectively please use the form on the right to contact us today!

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