Crowdsourcing is a broad term used to define the process of outsourcing tasks to a large group of people, i.e. the crowd. The distinguishing factor between crowdsourcing and traditional outsourcing is that the crowd is undefined and generally open to anyone to participate.

There are many versions of this concept that have been popularized on the web today. Some of the more popular campaigns were the crowdsourcing of creative concepts for advertisements and other marketing related projects. In some cases tens of thousands of users have contributed ideas which are often voted on by the same crowd of contributors along with their friends and the company running the campaign will then use the most popular submissions in a campaign.

Another popular form is used in the sourcing of content. Companies requiring a large volume of content can put out an order listing their requirements to a portal which will let a crowd of writers pick the projects they want to do and submit them for approval. If the purchaser approves the piece the writer is compensated.

No matter what spin on crowdsourcing you’re interested in trying out we can power the technology behind it. Our platform is extremely flexible and has all the core functionality any crowdsourcing website will need and anything else can be built custom to your specifications.

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